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Zoë Merrick lived a less than ordinary life, until late one night, she was brutally attacked and left for dead.

A man named Adam spotted her running down the road covered in blood, and took her under his wing. Zoë didn’t just survive that night – she underwent a physical transformation and acquired strange new abilities. Severed from her old life, her frustration grows as she tries to comprehend what’s happening to her.

Serendipity leads her to Justus. He’s handsome, arrogant, and not entirely human. Zoë learns the truth about what she is, and just how dangerous their world is for a young Mage. The only way she will understand her power is by putting her trust in this man, and accepting the protection he offers.

When her immortal freedom is threatened by the one man who has a right to claim her, Zoë learns the price of freedom…and the value of loyalty.

I picked up Sterling because of the same friend who recommended Angelfall.  While she hadn’t read the book, she was curious about it and I decided to be the guinea pig this time around.  I’m still quite pleased with my decision.

The book starts off following Zoe, who’s character was a bit hard for me to pin down at first.  She is written very sharp and sarcastic in one scene and then seems almost sullen in the next…like there was no clear sense of identity.  I just didn’t feel that the character was very well developed going into her transformation.  BUT…what a transformation it was.  Dannika Dark did an amazing job of introducing the new Zoe after her near-death experience.  Somewhere during Zoe’s transformation, the book experienced one as well.  Her character became solid (and still sarcastic-a-plenty) and her world opened up to me, albeit a new, mysterious, and secretive world. The world of the Mage.  Not the typical magic and spells kind, either, but a world where energy could be harnessed and borrowed and then utilized when necessary.  The fabulous part was that the supernatural didn’t get in the way of the story, but rather enhanced it.

Speaking of supernatural and enhanced…can I dish about Adam and Justus???  The leading men in this story are fascinating indeed.  Adam is the handsome savior from the night of Zoe’s attack who may or may not be more than he seems.  Justus comes into her life later and speaks a word that will forever transform her existence.  I know what you’re thinking…a love triangle.  It’s what I was thinking.  But Dannika Dark outwitted me, and I love being outwitted…

Dannika Dark’s writing style is fast paced and laced with sarcasm, both of which I adore.  My only issue with the book, other than the character development early on that I already mentioned, was the editing.  There were quite a few grammar and punctuation errors that made me a little nuts (and I’m normally the sort of reader who hardly notices that stuff).  Her writing style was very similar to Amber Lynn Natusch of the Caged Series and Karen Marie Moning of the Fever Series.  Overall, I really enjoyed Sterling and have already downloaded the sequel, Twist, to my Kindle.

This book is a 4 star read!     

Sterling (Mageri Series: Book 1) at Amazon: Sterling (Mageri Series: Book 1)