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He left without pause – without looking back. The single connection to normality I had was driving back to Boston, to a life interrupted by the knowledge that legends and lore may not be just that, and left to contemplate what other monsters may be in existence beyond what he’d witnessed that night. I was left to acknowledge that my friend was gone, my partner was lost, and yet another person’s life was damaged because of knowing me.

Maybe a cage was exactly where I belonged.

The deaths of three PC brothers have yet to be solved, and Ruby once again finds her head sitting squarely on the chopping block.  To make matters worse, a revenge-crazed werewolf keeps hijacking her mind, replaying all the details of his gruesome attacks.

As she struggles to navigate her way through this life of supernatural violence, Ruby realizes that the dreams of normal women her age may never become her reality.  No white dress. No family of her own.  She fears that everything and everyone she knows is in danger — and it’s all because of her.  When she finally accepts those fears as fact, Ruby takes drastic measures to ensure the safety of those she loves most…

Even if it means forfeiting her own.

“I know we can’t put this in the review, but…”

That phrase seemed to be playing on a loop while Shannon and I sat down to write the review for the latest installment in the Caged Series, Framed, by Amber Lynn Natusch.  Fortunately, we managed to find some usable material in our conversation…

Rachel: Three words: Oh. Em. Gee.  I love how just when you think everything is gonnabe okay in Ruby’s world, it’s not.

Shannon: I know, right? I was like holy effing sh#t!!   Just when you start to think she’s finally gonna get some breathing room, BAM! They get hit with something else, and you’re like WTF?!  I have to say that this is definitely my favorite book in the series.  So far… 🙂 So let’s talk about some of the characters in this book…

R: Yes, I gotta say I kind of hated Ronnie at the beginning.  Natusch wrote her attitude brilliantly, of course, and I wanted to beat her down…except that I’m a bit afraid of her.   But, I started to really like her again by the end.  I think she started to finally get a true understanding of what she thought she already understood.  Did I just talk in a circle??

S:  Yeah…you sounded totally smart.  Can we talk about Scarlet now???

R: I’ve always loved Scarlet, and this book made me love her even more.  She shows us a side of herself we’ve never seen before; a side we maybe shouldn’t see.

S: I LOVE her.  I want to be Scarlet when I grow up.  Right now I’m Ruby: clumsy, clueless, and essentially stumbling through life.  I want to be Scarlet. That chick lives by her own set of badass rules and answers to no one.  I never know what to expect from her and neither does anybody else…she’s awesome!

R: What about the men in Ruby’s life?

S: Ahh, my favorite topic: the total yumminess collectively known as Sean and Cooper.  I heart Cooper.  I absolutely love him.  As Natusch would say, he’s the “cat’s pajamas”.  He’s the BFF in Ruby’s life who would walk through fire (shirtless, please) to save her crazy ass.  I want my own Coop.  AND my own Sean.  Please excuse me while I clean the puddle that is now me off the floor.  Sean makes me swoon.  And I don’t use words like swoon.   I adore Sean, though.   He is the ultimate man.  Period.  End of discussion.  As far as I’m concerned, there is no “Team Cooper”.

R: Ha! Cat’s pajamas. I imagine a cat in an old fashioned, striped nightgown with a matching hat… I love it. Now, back to reality, or what I wish was reality… I love them both too. Seriously, yum.  Are there two more well written men in one series??  I don’t think so…Don’t judge me, but  I think I might have been “Team Cooper” for awhile–he’s just sooo amazing, but after this book, there’s no way I could be.  Sean has just grown so much and shown a lot of vulnerability in this book.  I think he’s finally realized what Ruby needs from him. I love Matty too, and I’m really curious as to how he’ll fit into Ruby’s whole world.  He’s like a cute little boyscout.  Natusch sure knows how to write her…, my…, or our… (this could get confusing) men…

R: I had great expectations for this book, and Natusch totally delivered. Her writing is so seamless and flows perfectly from book to book.

S: Have you noticed her signature?  It’s almost like a verbal bitchslap at the end of each chapter…Ruby takes whatever crazy mess just happened and whacks you with a one-liner (usually) that makes you go, “damn.”

R: I also love how Natusch includes real-world things and places in her books.  Some authors makeup places, or just use vague descriptions of places, but she uses real places.  She also uses songs that people can relate to. If you don’t know the song, you can look it up and dive into Ruby’s world a little bit deeper.

Overall, we love this book and the author. Natusch continues to prove herself with each installment of this series, and her writing only gets better (as if that were possible; she’s already amazing).  We give this book 10 stars.  What?  You mean we don’t add our ratings together? 😉

We give this book 6 stars (refer to our Rating policy), because it’s RIDICULOUSLY GOOD and it deserves every last one of them!

Get Framed on Amazon: FRAMED (Book 3, The Caged Series)