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Jamie Nevin struggles with her identity as much as any sixteen-year-old girl. Well, maybe a little more.  Jamie just discovered that she is not human—at least not exactly. The child of a doomed union between a noble of the Unseelie Court and a Seelie Fae, Jamie has been raised by her mother hidden away from both courts in a small New England town.

Troubled by vivid dreams when asleep and plagued by paralyzing headaches when awake, Jamie knows something is wrong. After the strange disappearance of her mother, and the unexpected appearance of family she never knew, Jamie is forced to accept a truth about her past that puts her future at risk.

To make matters worse, while she works to determine who to trust, Jamie’s best friend Allie keeps a powerful secret from her.

Thrown into a world she doesn’t understand, Jamie must use her fledgling powers in a fight to stay alive and avoid capture by the Keeper, a soulless creature that frightens even the things that go bump in the night.

Shannon and Rachel here again…we had so much fun chatting about Amber Lynn Natusch’s Framed, that we decided to review debut YA author Amanda Zabski’s Between Worlds together too! Don’t worry, we’ll let you eavesdrop…

Rachel: I’ve never really given much thought to fairies. I mean, other than the required high school reading of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (which I don’t think I fully read) and watching “Tinkerbell” with my four year old, fairies have just never had a place in my life. Until now…

Shannon: See, I’ve always loved the crazy world of the fae…dark little mischievous creatures that they can be…minus the whole Sookie thing…I’m not a reader of that series but I watch the show (don’t judge me, Eric Northman is a GOD) and I don’t see her as a fairy…just sayin’…but Jamie…

Rachel: I love Jaime. She’s quiet and withdrawn, but she is definitely not weak. Everything she learns she takes in stride. She never freaked out, even when things seemed extraordinarily dire, but it fit her character. She has one friend; her best friend. I wouldn’t call her a loner, though. I think she understands that having one true friend is more valuable than having a lot of fake friends. And Allie is definitely a true friend. She is more outgoing than Jaime, but still has no more friends. Allie is strong as well, but I think she shows a bit more weakness than Jamie… Patrick is one of those “main men”, if you will, who just kind of flies under the radar. He’s not extremely handsome, but also not revolting. He has a great personality and lots of charisma that make him seem more handsome than he is.

Shannon: I loved the characters…Zabski did an exceptional job with each one of them. I felt like I was walking in Jamie’s shoes…and then Zabski pulled the rug out from underneath me. I love an author who has the ability to totally change my perspective of both the story and characters over the course of the book while still staying true to them and, can I just say, Zabski is a genius??!!!

Rachel: YES…I love everything about this book!! The plot, the storyline, the characters, and especially the way it was written. Zabski has incredible talent and I love her writing style. She has an incredible way of building up anticipation and I was on pins and needles wondering what was going to happen.

Shannon: Me too!! I swear I got up to check the locks on my doors like, twenty times while I read this book. Her writing style is just so exceptionally descriptive. Zabski has a way of contrasting the mundane with the remarkable so that the reader gets a sometimes beautiful, sometimes eerie, but always crystal clear picture of her world.

Rachel: Um, can I just say that I was disappointed by the ending of this book??

Shannon: WHAT?!?

Rachel: I hated that it had to end!!! I actually think she ended it brilliantly, which can segue perfectly into the next book (which I am eagerly anticipating!!!).

Shannon: I wanted more, too! Which, of course, is one of the signs of a great book. Amanda Zabski nailed it with her debut, Between Worlds, and these reviewers are clamoring for the second installment in the Rite of Passage Trilogy…

A happy side note that this book is a true Young Adult novel. No sex, language, or other shenanigans make it a great read for middle school aged kids, yet captivating enough for reviewers in their twenties and above (I’m not saying how far above, so don’t ask)–this is a book for all ages. We heart this book!!

 We definitely rate Between Worlds 5 shooting stars    

Betwee Worlds at Amazon: Between Worlds (Rite of Passage Trilogy)