About Alana

I’m a yin yang type of person.  I’m a hairdresser that has a business degree in managerial economics that is going back to school to be a geologist.  I love to organize and paint.  I am equal parts right and left brained.  I’m a girly tomboy.  I am practical, but at the same time I want silliness and escapism.  My likes and dislikes are such a huge range.  I just like what I like and don’t want to fit into a box—but I do like boxes, purses, containers, or anything that you can use to organize—just don’t organize me.

I love to read.  I will read when I have 5 minutes while meat is defrosting in the microwave (which I know is not the best, but hey I should get credit for actually making dinner—right?).   I love all types of genres—from sci-fi to historical fiction.  It just has to be good.  Sometimes I really want to think when I read.  I want the author to make me work for it.  Other times I just want to escape and read what I call fluff.  I like fluff.  To me Twilight is fluff.  And I love Twilight.   You don’t have to think to read it. Just enjoy it for what it is.

I am a harsh critic though.  If you can’t get me interested in about 5 pages I will stop reading.  There is so much out there to read I don’t need to waste my time if you don’t grab me right away.  On that note, if someone recommends something I will give it more of a chance (they might say “just get through the first chapter etc.”) I won’t critique anything I don’t finish though, and I will critique each book for what it is. That is a huge pet peeve when critics try to compare a book like Pride and Prejudice to Twilight.  Hello?  Two totally different genres, time period, everything.

So, am I a redhead though? Sometimes.  I am a hairdresser who loves color!! 😉


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