Rating System

The rating system is pretty basic.  Some of the Gingers will use stars while others may opt for other images (fangs, moons, Cadbury Eggs…don’t judge), but overall, it is the same five-point scale used most everywhere…with our own flair.  Rarely, a book may be so STUPID good that we’re forced to give it 6 stars.  These are the kind of books that we’re quoting like movies for months afterward and generally won’t shut-up about.  And, while the 1 may seem a tad harsh, I’ve never actually given a 1 in my life…so, without further adieu…the system:


 Can I get the 6 hours of my life back it took to read this book?


 I had issues with the book, (plot, character, or technical) but overall it was not bad.


 This was a good book that was pretty entertaining overall.


 I really enjoyed this fabulous book and definitely recommend!


 This book was AMAZING!!! I loved it!!! I’ll be talking about it for days.  A must read!

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